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My name is Nate, and I have a website!

I'm also a programmer. Feel free to take a look at the links on the page to see some of what I've done. Or don't -- it's all up to you. I won't be offended.

Sample Projects/Portfolio


Trello RSS
Utilizes the Trello API to create RSS feeds for specified actions and boards


Estimate the worth of your Steam account, the amount of hours to complete all your games, and keep track of what you are playing

Udacity Projects

I've had a blast taking a classes from Udacity, and have done a buncha cool projects. Some of them include building a basic blogging platform, wiki, and search engine.

Steam API Wrapper

Steam API
An API wrapper written in Python for the Steam Web API that makes it easy to retrieve info on all applications currenly in the Steam store, user info, group info, etc.


I wrote a game of PacMan in Javascript using the Quintus framework that you can play directly on my website (or just watch as the PacMan AI makes a fool of himself).

Open Source Projects

Steam API
I've contributed to several open source projects, here and there. Projects I've contributed to include Py-Trello, a bit to Salt, and I have begun to tinker with WebPutty (I'm using WebPutty for the CSS on this site!).

Other stuff I'm building

I've got several other projects that I'm currently building. More info on these here.